Toyota Hiace hadir dengan facelift terbaru

Toyota Hiace, salah sebuah van bersaiz besar yang menarik minat saya telah menerima facelift terbaru. Mula dijual sejak 2006, Hiace menerima beberapa perubahan kecil di bahagian lampu utama depan, bumper depan termasuk gril radiator dan bahagian dalaman yang lebih gelap.

Setakat ini saya masih belum pernah melihat van seperti Hiace dinaik taraf untuk menjadi sebuah MPV atau seperti Toyota Commuter dari Thailand. Toyota Hiace amat sesuai jika dinaik taraf menjadi sebuah super MPV seperti yang pernah saya lihat di Tokyo Auto Salon.

Di bawah adalah petikan dari The Star berkenaan Toyota Hiace facelift terbaru.


The last time the current generation Hiace was introduced was in 2006 so an update is due, like now.

The latest version, available for delivery from this month, has improvements incorporated following customer feedback.

The new Hiace comes in three versions: – Hiace Panel Van 2.5 Turbo Diesel; Hiace High Roof Window Van 2.5 Turbo Diesel; And Hiace High Roof Window Van 2.7 Petrol.

The exterior has minor cosmetic changes to the front bumper which extends forward. The radiator grille is also partially restyled for a cohesive look. New headlamps are fitted with large reflectors for better lighting.

The interior colour theme is now a darker grey colour. This applies to the door trim, floormats and fabric upholstery for the seats. A darker interior colour offers better durability for high passenger loads.

The Hiace Window Vans are intended as people-carriers, able to accommodate up to 11 people comfortably on four rows of seating, with the turbodiesel version suited for longer journeys as it offers low operating costs. The Hiace Panel Van has a gross vehicle weight of 2,800kg.

The Hiace was built on the concept that it must be the best in its class, offering a high volume of cargo capacity and also comfort for the passenger-carrying versions. Ample power was also to be provided but with good fuel-efficiency since low operating cost is important to fleet operators.

The Hiace was also developed to achieve excellent crash safety while preserving cargo floor length. In order to achieve maximum comfort to passengers, the Hiace Window Vans are the only vehicles in its class that offer High Roof, with a cargo height of 1,565mm.

This provides ample headroom that allows passengers to move inside the vehicle easily.

The Hiace is assembled locally at UMW Toyota Motor’s plant in Selangor.

To date, over 14,000 units have been sold including 3,000 units exported to Thailand.

The panel van is priced at RM82,990; while the 2.7 Petrol is RM97,490, while the High Roof 2.5 Turbo Diesel is RM104,490.

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