Model terbaru Kawasaki KX250F & KX450F 2012

Kawasaki telah mengeluarkan generasi baharu 2012 model KX250F dan KX450F, kedua-dua jentera motorcross itu dijana enjin bersesaran 250cc dan 450cc. Di bawah berikut ialah petikan dari press release :-

New 2012 Kawasaki KX250F & KX450F Models Announced

Firmly established as worldwide MX icons, the new versions of the venerated Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F look set to take off-road innovation further still while adding new levels of refinement to many of their existing race-winning features.

Sure to impress with the first ever use of dual injectors on a production motocross machine, the 2012 season KX250F has been created to deliver what riders most often ask for; holeshot dominance, sublime handling – especially at speed in a straight line – and composed, plush suspension.

Kawasaki KX250F 2012

Headline grabbing feature on the quarter litre bike is sure to be the dual injector set up with the downstream injector used to ensure smooth, instant response while the upstream injector is tasked withproviding power. As rpm and throttle position increase, the emphasis switches from the downstream injectorto the upstream unit and, depending on whether in a low or high gear, the transition between the two is either progressive or almost instantaneous.

Coupled with the new injector innovation, the 2012 KX250F is also the only machine of its type on the world to utilise Showa’s Separate Function front Fork (SFF) separating damping and shock absorption duties to offer both smooth operating action and firm damping performance. New too is a progressive throttle link and upgrades to the Uni-Trak rear suspension, while the factory style bridge bottom piston remains as a key performance feature.

Kawasaki KX450F

The new KX450F is no less focussed and will command MX1 attention with the first ever use of launch control on a mass production machine harnessing an engine map that reduces the chance of rear wheel spin when starting in low-grip conditions.

Innovation on the KX450F is not simply confined to this holeshot grabbing feature. The open class bike now features three switchable maps for standard, hard and soft conditions which can all be modified or rewritten via the now famous KX Fi calibration kit. New too is a four position adjustable handlebar and two options for foot rest position making the biggest KX one of the most ergonomic in the paddock.

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