Toyota Innova versi naik taraf terbaru tiba di Malaysia

Jika anda perasan, Toyota Innova baharu versi naik taraf (facelifted) sudah muncul di dalam laman web Toyota Malaysia. Antara perubahan ketara yang boleh dilihat ialah lampu utama dan jeriji depan kini berwajah baru, termasuk lampu kombinasi belakang yang dirasakan lebih menarik. Tersedia dalam tiga varian iaitu 2.0E dengan transmisi manual 5-kelajuan, serta varian 2.0E dan 2.0G dengan transmisi automatik 4-kelajuan. Sekali imbas didapati rekabentuk badan keseluruhan masih lagi sama seperti versi sebelumnya

Harga yang ditawarkan untuk varian 2.0E manual ialah RM96,704.00, 2.0E automatik berharga RM101,704.00, dan varian tertinggi 2.0G hadir dengan tanda harga RM109,804.00. Ketiga-tiga varian Innova facelift baharu masih menggunakan enjin lama 1TR-FE bersesaran 2.0 liter dengan keluaran kuasa 136ps dan 182Nm tork maksimum.

Antara faktor utama yang cuba ditonjolkan oleh UMW Toyota Motors kali ini melalui pengenalan Innova facelift sudah tentu tempat duduk penumpang yang kini berjumlah untuk lapan orang, sesuai untuk keluarga dengan ahli yang ramai. *Update 11/11/2011 – Di bawah berikut merupakan press release rasmi yang dikeluarkan oleh Toyota Malaysia bertarikh 21 Oktober 2011;

Press release : New Toyota Innova

The new Toyota Innova (the name is derived from the word ‘Innovation’) which is launched today continues with the successful concept of offering the vast space of its 8-seater and updated with various of modern touches element of exterior and interior to meet MPV customers’ needs.

Being one of the products of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicles (IMV) project, the latest Innova takes a fresh approach in its design with an advanced and dynamic appearance.

 Customers have a choice of 3 variants of the Innova:

TOYOTA INNOVA 2.0G A/T            : RM110,600

TOYOTA INNOVA 2.0E A/T            : RM102,500

TOYOTA INNOVA 2.0E M/T            : RM 97,500

(Above prices are for private registration, metallic colour, Peninsular Malaysia)

Four exterior colour choices are available for all versions, namely Silver Metallic, Medium Silver Metallic, Solid White and a new colour, Dark Steel Mica.


Though the Innova has a two-box design, Toyota’s stylists have given it a more modern and stylish look with a high-class impression and the presence of a large sedan like the Toyota Camry. The sleek looks speak of efficiency aerodynamics while the generous glass areas all round provide an airy, spacious feel to the interior.

The most obvious styling change is at the front where a new grille presents a trapezoid-shape appearance which unifies the upper and lower areas of the front ‘face’, creating a flowing link from the bonnet to the bumper. The newly designed headlamps with their protruding and acute-angled style also give a more sedan-like appearance and visually widen the Innova.

Viewed from the side, there’s a more advanced image with the sharper design of the side protection moldings while a wider chrome strip running beneath the centre line emphasizes the length. There are also more prominent creases on the wheel arches and more distinctive character lines on the fenders, all contributing to a dynamic impression.

Cosmetic changes have also been incorporated at the rear end with the aim of expressing a modern and distinctive style for the new Innova. Of note would be the newly-designed 3-dimensional rear combination lamps which have protruding lens sections in the middle of the units.


With its role as a people-carrier, the Innova has been designed to offer comfortable usability and spaciousness. This strong point of the model is retained and for the latest model, changes have been made to enhance its sedan-like qualities.

The interior design theme now has a more horizontal orientation while a darker colour scheme is used on the seats and door trim. The horizontal theme is most obvious on the dashboard where there is a clear separation of the centre console into upper and lower zones. This not only enhances the appearance but also gives better definition of functions and makes operation easier. On the Innova 2.0E, the control dials have been redesigned for easier operation.

The instrument panel cluster has been redesigned with the background colour changed to black for higher contrast to improve visibility in all lighting conditions. The Optitron meters, noted for their clarity, have a silver-finished trim ring with turquoise blue ambience. For Analog meters, there is a glossy black trim ring. Now included for the Innova 2.0E A/T is a Shift Position Indicator.

As before, the Innova 2.0G comes with a Multi-Information Display (MID) which provides the driver with seven different types of information which can be selected at the touch of a button. The information provided is: average fuel consumption; real-time fuel consumption; average speed on a journey; the length of time that the engine has been running; the range available on the amount of fuel in the tank; the direction the vehicle is headed in (compass), and the temperature outside the vehicle.

The new Innova also gets a new steering wheel with a 4-spoke design to give a more sedan-like feel. For the 2.0G version, there is leather with dark wood trimming and switches for operating the audio system and MID. The shift lever knob and door panels on the 2.0G are also enhanced with the adoption of dark woodgrain ornamentation to give a high-quality appearance.


The cabin of the Innova has a versatile seating arrangement which offers the flexibility of carrying up to eight adults or large and long items. For maximum cargo capacity, the second row can be folded forward against the back of the front seats and the third row (60:40 split) of seats can be folded against the sides. For picnics or just to relax and stretch out, the two front seats can be folded flat to the second row after their head restraints have been removed.

Another strong point of the Innova is the amount of storage space available. There are plenty of cupholders and bottleholders situated around the cabin. For odds and ends (newspapers, CDs, coins, keys, portable music players, etc), the Innova offers many different compartments and slots; for example, on the dashboard ahead of the front occupant, there are two gloveboxes.

Other nice touches which will be greatly appreciated are the redesigned sunglass holder overhead with map lamp above the rearview mirror (2.0G only). Toyota’s interior designers have also thoughtfully incorporated convenience hooks for groceries at the rear of third row seat and for those who need to recharge their devices on the move (or operate small electrical devices), there is an accessory 12V power outlet on the dashboard (Innova 2.0G only).

Being an MPV, there’s lots of space inside to offer comfort and convenience to each occupant. The driver, in particular, can have an ideal seating position for fatigue-free motoring, thanks to the tilt-adjustable steering wheel. Both short as well as tall drivers will appreciate the seat height adjuster too.

The dual air conditioner (with controls at the front and over the 2nd row) ensures that all occupants receiving cool air for enhanced comfort, whatever the outside temperature. The high-performance system has been specially developed and tested in local conditions for optimum cooling performance as well as proper flow of air around the cabin all the way to the last row. When not required, passengers in the second row can switch off the air-conditioning.

With the Innova 2.0G, an automatic air-conditioning system (similar to that found on more expensive models) is standard. With this system, the driver can select the desired temperature and the system will automatically ensure that cool air is efficiently distributed around the cabin to maintain the temperature. Newly designed manual control panels are available for 2.0E to express freshness while ensuring operability.

Other standard comfort/convenience features include power windows and power door locks, the former having jam protection to avoid causing injury to an occupant’s hand which may be caught by the rising glass. The driver’s door window also has a one-touch up/down operation for extra convenience.

High quality of 2-DIN audio system with CD-player, MP3, FM/AM tuner, AUX Jack, USB and iPod capability are available for all variants as standard accessory. Superior sound reproduction is delivered from 6 speakers (including two tweeters) which are strategically located around the cabin. Those with portable music players can now connect their devices to the audio system and listen to their own music collections.


The Innova is powered by a 1TR-FE 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine which features Toyota VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing – intelligent) technology, the same technology found in the engines of the latest Toyota sedans. VVT-i boosts power output, enhances fuel efficiency as well as reduces pollutants in the exhaust gases.

With VVT-i providing continuously variable valve timing to suit virtually any driving situation, the lightweight DOHC 16-valve engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) has ample torque at low to medium speeds and can also effortlessly accelerate to high speeds. Maximum power output is 100 kW/136 PS at 5,600 rpm while maximum torque is 182 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Customers can choose from a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic electronic-controlled transmission (ECT) which delivers power to the rear wheels.

The chassis frame sits on a coil spring suspension system comprising a double wishbone layout at the front and a 4-link layout at the rear. The suspension settings have been tuned to match road conditions inMalaysia so that there is good drivability, stability and comfort whatever the load on board.

Sharp and responsive steering control is provided by a power-assisted rack and pinion steering system. The amount of assistance provided is varied according to the engine speed. At low speeds (eg during parking), maximum assistance is provided for ease of manoeuvring while at cruising speeds, the assistance is less to give the driver a better “feel” of the road.

New design 15” alloy wheels are fitted to the Innova. These have broad 205/65R15 tyres for good grip and a comfortable ride.


Just like any other Toyota model available today, high safety standards have been applied to the Innova. In the event of an accident, the occupants of the Innova will be well protected inside the GOA-certified bodyshell. GOA stands for Global Outstanding Assessment and is the name for Toyota’s tough in-house safety standards which match or exceed international safety standards. Every new Toyota model must pass GOA before it can go on sale.

Standard safety features available in every Innova include the provision of a laminated non-shattering windscreen, powerful disc/drum brake system with dual hydraulic circuits for extra safety, adjustable upper seatbelt anchor position, a collapsible steering column, reinforcement beams in all side doors and a seatbelts for all eight occupants. Childproof locks are also fitted to the rear doors for peace of mind when travelling with children.

Also standard for the Innova 2.0G is an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) which gives the driver better control and stability during braking. ABS is a highly effective feature which prevents wheel lock-ups and subsequent skidding while braking hard on slippery surfaces. Because lock-up is prevented, steering control is retained and the driver can direct the car away from an obstacle, even while applying maximum pressure on the brake pedal.

The Innova also come with a dual front SRS airbag (2.0G) and a single SRS airbag (2.0E) which will inflate during a severe frontal collision. The airbag, together with proper usage of the seatbelt, can reduce the possibility of more serious injuries to the driver during an accident.

Other passive safety features include a head impact protection structure, collapsible steering column and a brake pedal design which will separate it during a frontal impact to prevent intrusion and injuries to the driver’s feet.


The Innova is equipped with a comprehensive security system that is benchmarked to the UK Thatcham-1 security standard consists of an engine immobiliser, cabin sensor and siren with a back-up battery. Custom-designed for this model, it has been fully tested, passed Toyota standard and certified as Toyota Genuine Accessory. For convenience, controls for the system are integrated in a single key.


Customers can have two options with their Innova – Toyota Standard Solar Film and the DVD-AVN system.

Toyota Standard Solar Film reduce heat built-up in the car while keeping the vehicle cool so the occupants feel more comfortable.

The DVD-AVN system comprises a 2-DIN head unit with a 6.1-inch colour screen. The audio section has an AM/FM tuner, DVD-Player, Bluetooth and USB and AUX ports to connect portable music players. There is also a GPS navigation system with a gyro speed sensor that allows navigation to continue even when the satellite signal is lost (eg when travelling in a tunnel). The map coverage includes Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, with a 1-time free map update. Additionally, the navigation map is customized with Toyota Sales and Aftersales network for customers convenience.

Also included with the DVD-AVN system is a reverse camera which displays the area behind the vehicle on the bright screen. Activated when reverse gear is engaged, this feature improves safety as it allows the driver to any underlying objects that may not be visible in the mirrors.

All optional accessories must be specified by the customer at the time of purchase as they will be installed by specially-trained Toyota personnel at a dedicated facility ensuring high quality fitment before delivery.


As with many of the latest locally-assembled models offered by UMW Toyota Motor, the new Toyota Innova comes with a 36-month/100,000 kms (whichever occurs earlier after first registration) warranty, subject to conditions stated in the Owner’s Handbook. This reflects the confidence that UMW Toyota Motor has in the superior build quality of its vehicles, a hallmark of Toyota products.


  1. abhamz

    October 21, 2011 at 1:05 am

    salam, memang minat dgn model ni….kalau ada rezeki mmg nak beli, InsyaAllah.

    • daniel

      May 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

      you will buy cauz you already interested.dont worry you will buy before next year

  2. surie

    March 8, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    saya dah booking 2.0G. betul2 full accessories RM117… dp 20K, and mthly RM1110. pejam mata je la sebab nampak cannntikkk sgt.. hujung mac ni, insyaallah… bl balik kampung dengannya

    • daniel

      May 23, 2012 at 10:26 pm

      woa so happylah.enjoylah.can you send me your car image im so interested on this car soonly will buy

  3. Wanted

    March 26, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    dah beli, insyAllah minggu ni sampai, tapi body kit tak kluar lagi di Sibu.

  4. GZ

    April 16, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    insyaallah..klu x da aral..nak booking sblm raya..raya ni dah ble rasmi..paling lmbt pun..boking akhir thn ni..thn depan dia wajib ada dlm hidupku..Luv Inova..

  5. daniel

    May 23, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    hope full my father must this car cuaz before this he plan to but the 2nd gen and he donno the third gen already release.must go and tell him.right now hes at vietnam after he back must tell him.hope full will buy this august to october or december cauz will have offer for christmas

  6. pttinsan

    November 10, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Aku memang minat inova ni,cuma bajet tak cukup lg.

  7. erna

    December 27, 2012 at 1:51 pm


  8. Jihah

    January 5, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Apa masalah inova sekarang? saya telah tempah pada bulan 12/2012.sampai sekarang belum dapat lagi.jurujual beritahu masalah innova bukan masalah dia.satu malaysia menghadapi masalah tersebut…apa dah jadi ni sudah lama saya tunggu innova..tak sabar ni nak naik kereta baru..

  9. Mdjoe

    July 2, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Mana kat KK kedai aksesori yang ada jual/suply skirting innova model 2013 ?

  10. erna

    August 26, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    sy memang minat sangat dengan model inova tak kisah apa orang kata pasal mpv lain walaupun lebih murah tapi minat punya pasal order aje…la, bukan nak belasah setiap hari.. dah ada 2 kereta lain pun.. kenyang bila inova berada di depan mata ku

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