VW Golf terbaru menang anugerah paling penting di Eropah – “Car of the Year 2013”

The Volkswagen Golf

Generasi ketujuh Volkswagen Golf baru-baru ini telah menerima anugerah “Car of the Year 2013” untuk pasaran Eropah, anugerah yang menjadi petunjuk penting di dalam industri automotif semasa.

Pengumuman anugerah tersebut diadakan di Geneva Motor Show 2013 pada 4 Mac yang lalu. Setakat ini prestasi jualan bagi model Golf MK7 begitu menggalakkan apabila telah menerima tempahan lebih 150,000 unit di seluruh pasaran Eropah.

Di bawah berikut merupakan petikan daripada siaran akhbar yang dikeluarkan oleh Volkswagen;

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen AG, states: “That’s a superb result, and we are very proud of it. This most significant European award is the perfect final touch to the list of prizes we’ve already won. Over 29 million customers have made the Golf into the icon that it is. The Golf will continue this success story.”

The most successful car in Europe has been further perfected in its seventh generation. The new Golf scored high not only with its quality, comfort, low fuel consumption and emission values as well as its excellent drive properties but also in the most vital area of safety.

The best example for itis the standard Automatic Post-Collision Braking System that slows thevehicle down automatically after a bad accident so as to reduce the remaining kinetic energy, thusavoiding more subsequent collisions.

Numerous safety and assist systems have been added, such as the standard electronic XDS differential lock, thepreventive passenger protection system and the Lane Assist. Together, they offer a maximum of safety and comfort at an affordable price.

The Golf’s success story is exemplary. Whether as a classic Golf, Golf Cabriolet, Golf Variant or Golf Plus—it’s available on all five continents and in more than 120 countries. With nearly 30 million vehicles produced, theGolf has set new standards in the compact class in the last few decades.

New technologies like ABS, the airbag and the electronic stabilisation programme were integrated and have decisively shaped automotive construction in the class named after it.

The exterior and interior of the Golf are also leading the way: Like almost no other product, the Golf distinguishes itself by its unique product and design language, which is seen as timeless and classless to this very day.

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